About Me

I am originally from a small town in MA and I am currently an Advertising Photography student at Rochester Institute of Technology. My passion for photography knows no bounds; whether it's capturing still life scenes or discovering the essence of individuals through portraits, I find something to cherish in every frame. As I navigate my artistic style and vision, I find joy in connecting with my subjects and fellow photographers. I always strive to create a safe and judgment-free space during shoots, and I love to make conversation to get to know someone on a deeper level. 

My current business endeavor revolves around crafting new branding and marketing materials tailored for local small businesses and budding entrepreneurs. From captivating graphic designs to striking photographs, I'm fully immersed in transforming their visions into tangible assets. I take great pride in my knack for understanding a brand's essence and elevating it to new levels of greatness. 

When I'm not taking photos on location or in the studio, I love to hike around the Rochester area, cook new recipes for dinner every night, or spend quality time with my favorite people! I recently began using 35mm film, and I hope to expand my horizons into other forms of film photography as well. If you have inquiries regarding the above project - or anything else - please reach out using the below email or any of my socials linked at the bottom of this page!

Contact: carolinerobbinsphoto@gmail.com

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